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Harp Repairs, Regulations, and Moving:
Harp Haven is proud to offer professional on site harp repair and regulation in San Diego for both lever and pedal harps, as well as a pick-up and delivery service. 
Randal Unwin:
Harp Haven offers harp regulations and damage repairs by Randal Unwin.  A tool and dye machinist by trade, Randal has 18 years experience in pedal and lever harp regulation and was trained by a Lyon and Healy certified harp technician.  In addition to regulations, Randal is extremely gifted in repairing cosmetic and structural damages. He also repairs Paraguayan harps.  Randal's love for the instrument shows in every aspect of his work.
Peter Wiley:
We are also proud to host the master harp technician Peter Wiley every spring.  Peter, AKA The Harp Doc, was rated by Harp Column magazine as "one of the harp world's most valuable players".  For more information or to be put on a waiting list for Peter's next visit please email us at harphaven4u@gmail.com, call us at 619-294-7704, or visit Peter's website at www.harpdoc.com.
Moving Services:
Harp Haven also offers harp pick-up, delivery, and moving services to the harpists of Southern California.  Our moving service provides everything needed to ensure your harp's safe travels.  Service fees will depend on distance traveled and size and quantity of harps.

Harp Haven ships both National and International using the same shippers as Lyon & Healy. Each harp is carefully packed and insurance for the instrument is included in shipping cost. Tracking number available.


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